Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia was designated a National Park following the 1949 National Park and Access to the Countryside Act. A study to identify boundaries for the National Park began in 1950 and a team from the National Parks Commission including Clough Williams-Ellis recommended the boundary we have today. The criterion for inclusion in the Park was outstanding scenic beauty, which led to the exclusion of the slate production areas and some urban developments. Snowdonia National Park came into existence on the 18th of October 1951. It was the third National Park to be designated in Britain, and the first in Wales.

Today, Snowdonia is one of 14 National Parks in Britain. In 1996, following the 1995 Environment Act, the Snowdonia National Park became an independent Authority. Snowdonia National Park covers 823 square miles of the most beautiful and unspoilt countryside in North Wales. It is an area where people live and work but also where thousands come to relax and enjoy a wide range of leisure activities.

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